DayDay Awok


Orginally from The Tengus nation of PERCH ISLAND, off the coast of QADIRA

In the last 200 years due to war, famine, etc MALE Tengus in that region have almost become extinct. Many tribes have gone to war ,trying to capture fertile males. As a teenager DayDay was captured, and his tribe was wiped out. The females of Perch Island became mad with power and used males as only for mating purposes. As a sign of power the females would kill of the males as soon as the served their ‘purpose’. DayDay, Being a rare Tengu, with green eyes, and a healthy coat of feathers, he was of very high value. Though not fertile yet, he was being ‘saved’

As his body changed, it was a matter of time it would be used and then discarded. He was being saved for the Tengus Queen’s Daughter. He was able to escape to the main land were he made his way to KATHEER, were he learned to live off the Street. After 6 months, He got word that some Tengu warrior women came to town, and were looking a runaway male with green eyes. He took refuge in a Monk Temple, and over the months became a student. As tengus are masters of the blade, DayDay became a master of disarm…“he who can’t not wield, can not kill”…Master GOBI would tell him. After a year of Training DayDay got wind that he was sold out…he had to leave….Master Gobi gave him as many weapons as he could carry….. He headed north to the Forest outside of ZAMIR. In the forest he learned to glide, he learned to survive….

He befriended a small family of Wilder Elves Living amongst nature. Their Healing ways, and peacefulness were new, to the once captured slave…..Father Dewmist CreekSliver accepted him, and taught him faith can heal all, However DEWmist did not like the growing relationship of DayDay and his daughter Raysheen…,

DayDay was out on a hunt, and upon his return, The Elves were no where to been seen, campfire smothered and the shelters taken down. All that remained was a dead crow on a stick…….DayDay with his heart broken headed toward the city of ZAMIR. during his travel, he heard from passer-byers that he was not the first Tengu they saw that day….A group of 8 female Tengus was the count he got…..he headed imediatley headed North to TALDOR.

He knew only one can run for so long. His mission was to return to Perch, on his own terms. For this he needed skill, and faith………


DayDay Awok

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