Narp Vilaxin

Kobold Beast Rider


Narp rides the jackal, Fezzir, into combat. He prefers to strike first with his bow, and then to surprise his enemies with the closing speed of Fezzir, striking with his lance.

Narp’s scales are coppery-green in colour, and he stands about 3’ tall. When on foot, he carries a longsword and shield into battle. Both Narp and Fezzir protect themselves in matching drab studded leather armour.


Nestled in the foothills of the Zho Mountains, north of Gurat, lies the kobold settlement of Farnear. This complex of caverns and underground streams rests in fertile agricultural land. This has given the kobolds of Farnear the unique position of carving out their own place in the world, and allowed a small kobold community to rise to greatness. In AD 4650, the chieftain Drvin assumed the title of the Dragon King, uniting nearby kobold tribes, and even bringing a few goblin, hobgoblins, and orcs into his reign.

Under the guidance of Drvin, the archmage Leestar sought to understand the origins of the kobold race, and try to return kobolds to their proper draconic heritage. In pursuit of as much knowledge as possible, Drvin ordered the creation of the Order of the Dragon, a sect of knights who would venture forth and seek arcane knowledge of dragons far and wide, and their connections to kobolds.

Narp Vilaxin, one such young kobold, recently completed his training, mounting his trusty jackal steed, Fezzir. Narp has set forth from Farnear. Initially, he tagged along with a Taldan patrol, convincing them of his value by scouting ahead for trouble and laying traps to catch predators while the patrol slept through the night. The Taldan patrol took him as far as Cassomir. From there, Narp has ventured north on his own, seeking out the kobold tribes known to reside in the Verduran Forest. Specifically, he has been told to make contact with a kobold elder by the name of Jakkol, who has apparently served draconic masters in the past.

After surviving a few scrapes, mostly on the strength of his and his beast’s cunning, Narp has found himself at a luxurious inn on the outskirts of the town of Belhaim.

Narp Vilaxin

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