Aleister Percival Gaius Hawthorne

A wise goblin beyond his culture.


Standing at 3’2", and 36 lbs, this well groomed goblin holds himself with a high brow. The robe he wears has varying shades of purple, and is well regarded a miniature sized garment version of a traditional Azlanti tunic. His attire is affordable and well met among those who recognize the designs, but this is also a functional cover for the leather armor underneath. Goblin ears are normally raised to actively sense a threat, but Hawthorne has no immediate fear, and his ears hang limp to reflect as such. The monocle in his left eye serves to give him a sense of tunnel vision, rather then magnify the desired view.

For now weapon: Dagger + 2 (1D3 + 1)
(Soon to be primary Weapon): Sword Cane 2 (1D4 +1)
Secondary Weapon: Torch +2 (1D2 +2)
Ranged Weapon: Bombs +1 (1D6 +2 (
1 fire)

Special Abilities: Fire Bomber, Alchemy, Darkvision, Skilled: Diplomacy & Perception, Weapon Proficiency (Torches), Bomb, Favored Class: Fire Resistance 1.

Feats: Throw Anything (Class modded), Brew Potion, Dodge

Current known formulas: Comprehend Languages, Cure Light wounds, Shield, Fire-breath.


The fallowing is an excerpt to the book “Ratfoot” written by Author A.P.G. Hawthorne.

It was obvious. Goblins are idiots. If the one that was born with the name Ratfoot of the piggy-swill tribe, was able to hide his superior intelligence, then no other was truly looking. Reading the words stolen from another mind was prohibited in goblin culture, but Ratfoot could not resist the shapes, lines and curves he found in a single discarded piece of paper, and he knew it held some kind of profound knowledge. In secret, he listened to the Longshanks speak and within a week, he was able to decipher the shriveling paper. With a new understanding of the text before him, Ratfoot was determined to seek more words stolen from the another mind. As he read, he understood more and more about the world, and felt it was just as easy to explore at least the western side of the island, rather then dig for scraps among the flies. This is how he began to developed his art and left behind the goblin way of life forever. It started with a simple survival book, which was a rather dry read, but it held a nice section on food Ratfoot has never tasted before. After that was a simple cooking book and there was no shortage of recipes. Around four cook books in, he was given an all together new book by mistake. “The Budding Alchemist” it was called. To Ratfoots surprise, the methods where not far from what he knew of cooking food. As much as he tried, his racial affinity for fire still bloomed with in his new found art. His love of books grew insatiable, until he could no longer find an unfamiliar cover. It was time time to look elsewhere. The island was filled with longshanks, or people as they prefer to be called, that traveled with books for trade, and sale. New tricks and blends make for a different effect.

The final page continued from the same book.

Ratfoot felt he could no longer be called by such a name. He was an alternative entity, or a stepping stone of sorts for what was an unnatural progression. What was but a year ago, he read for the first time and blazed through a trail of text to an end. As you know reader, within his travels he has lost a few friends, and in their honor if you had not already come to that conclusion, is indeed Ratfoots new identity, for he is I, Aleister Percival Gaius Hawthorne. And that first phrase that he read on that crumpled up piece of paper that I have eluded so oft in these pages? That single slice of what twisted my destiny? “Remember to buy eggs”. It sees so silly now, but one must never forget the power of something so diminutive.

Aleister Percival Gaius Hawthorne

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