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  • Sherrif Pellle Behhovy

    Sir Pelle Benhovy is the sheriff of the town of Belhaim. A relatively well respected warrior, he is responsible for overseeing the peace and order of the small town.

  • Talia Orem

    Talia Orem is the proprietor of the [[Wise Piper Inn]] and is a friendly human female. She is outgoing and well liked by the townsfolk and as such, her inn is a favored spot, particularly for new travelers in the town.

  • [[Blood Vow Tribe]]

    The Blood vow tribe is a small Kobold Tribe that dwells in the flooded ruins of Belhaims long abandoned Quarry. They have long been no more than a minor nuisance to the town of Belhaim but have of late have been tied to the falling of the [[Witches Tower …

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